Tough starting hole. Fairway drifts left to right. three wood or long iron may be the best bet. Do not go over this green.

Aim tee shot at barber pole in fairway 171 yards away. This leaves you a birds eye view of the green. Green is receptive to approach shots, leaving a good opportunity for an early birdie.

This hole has a tough green to hold. Stay short to leave a relatively easy chip and putt to save par. Par is a good score for this hole.

This hole is a straight away par 4. OB close left and right. keep tee shot short of fairway bunkers. Hit approach shot to proper tier for easy par.

This hole looks narrower than it is. A good tee shot through the gap leaves you a mid iron to this two-tiered green. Large slope in center of green demands a shot short of the hole.

Position golf is the key to this hole. Favor the right side of fairway short of the lake for a short iron into one of the flattest greens on the course.

Tee it high and let it fly. A long tee shot down the left side provides an opportunity to get home in two on this par 5. Be careful, fairway bunkers short left of green and ob right of green make for a risky proposition. Lay up for an easy par.

This hole is a straight forward par 3. You don't want to be long as OB closely guards the back of this green.

Accuracy here is a must. Tee shot must find the fairway for birdie to remain in the picture.

This par 3 usually plays into a slight breeze. You don't want to be long here as it would provide for a very tough up and down.

An accurate tee shot to this narrow landing zone makes for an easy three shot hole. OB and fairway bunkers guards this hole on both sides. Green slopes back to front so keep ball below the hole. Jack Nicklaus once made an eleven on this hole.

This ninety-degree dogleg left requires a tee shot towards the corner tree, for a short iron in. safer play is down the center, but be sure to get past the corner tree on the left.

This short but tricky hole requires a well played tee shot. Mid iron straight ahead gives you gives you a short iron in. You don't want to be long. Risk is too great to cut corner and go for the green.

Out of bounds left and right. The best place to be is in the all grass gully. Keep the ball below the hole as this green slopes right to left.

Two good shots and you're home on this great par 5. Be sure to enjoy the scenery on your way to the green. Stay out of the trees for an easy par. Keep the ball below the hole on a front pin placement.

What you see is what you get on this long par 4. Take an extra club into the green as this hole always plays into the wind.

A long hole at the end of the round provides for a tough tee shot. Keep it in the short grass and you can hit this green in regulation. Consider an extra club as this green is very mounded.

Good opportunity to finish with a birdie with a tee shot that is all carry over water. Keep the ball below the hole on a front pin. Thanks for playing our course. Come back as soon as you can.