Mens Golf Association

Forty Niner CC Men’s Golf Association
Forty Niner Country Club is a semiprivate golf club geared towards providing an enjoyable golf experience, every time to every member and guest that plays our course.
We aim to provide special events throughout the year that appeal to all walks of our membership to enhance the golf experience.  We try to balance competition with the social aspects of golf.
To cater to the competitive members, we have a club within the club called the Men’s Golf Association, or simply MGA.  The MGA is open to male members that hold full golf memberships. 
The MGA plays almost every Saturday with different events scheduled including once a month ABCD format.  There are also special events throughout their calendar year including team events, Men’s Invitational, Member-Member, and other special events that you must be a member of the MGA to participate in.
The MGA Annual dues of $125 cover entry fees and prize money into many of the special events.
For more info or to join the MGA, please contact Casey Polivchak (520)749-4925 ext.212 or via email at
A list of special scheduled events for the 2018-19 golf season are as follows (Subject to Change):
ABCD- Typically the second Saturday of every month
MGA Member-Member- December 2018
Tanque Verde Cup- January 2019
MGA Club Championship- February 2019
MGA Men’s Invitational- March /April 2019

49er MGA TOURNAMENTS:  2018 - 2019

April 14, ’18    MGA EASTER TNY: (ABCD Scramble), A and D player scramble from the back and white/green combo tees respectively, B and C players scramble from the white tees.  20% of total handicaps are used. Score the sum of the two balls for the team score.
May 12, ’18     MGA MEMORIAL TNY: (ABCD Greek Scramble), Everyone drives and they choose the best ball; each player then plays his own ball from the drive into the hole.  Must use each player’s drive at least 2 times.  Score the three best net balls per hole. 60% of each individual’s handicap.
May 26, ’18    MGA PRE-SUMMER TNY – Flighted low net tournament; A, B, and C flights play from white tees, D flight plays from green/white combo tees.  Pay two low gross and two low nets in each flight.
June 9, ’18       MGA SUMMER FLING: (ABCD), 3 best balls net per hole. All but D play will be from the white tees.  D plays from white/green combo tees.
June 23, ’18    MGA REALLY SUMMER TNY – Flighted low gross and low net tournament.  Also, ABCD teams will be drawn randomly and team scores will be comprised of all four players net scores. Teams will be drawn while the event is taking place.  D players play from the green/white combo tees. All other players play from the white tees.
July 14, ’18     MGA FIREWORKS: (ABCD), 4 best ball nets per hole.  A plays from blue, B plays from white, C plays from white/green combo and D plays from green tees respectively.  Adjust handicaps accordingly.
July 28, ’18     MGA SKINS EVENT – Gross and net skins will be the game for this event.  ABCD teams will be randomly drawn and team scores will be comprised of all four players net scores.  Teams will be drawn while the event is taking place.  All play will be from the white tees.
Aug 11, ’18     MGA HEAT WAVE: (ABCD), 1 best net ball on holes 1 thru 6; 2 best net balls on holes 7 thru 12, and 3 best net balls on holes 13 thru 18. 1 best gross ball will be included on each hole. A player plays from back tees, B and C from white tees, D plays from white/green combo tees.
Aug 25, ’18     MGA 3 CLUB TOURNAMENT – This will be a flighted event where each player plays with any 3 clubs and a putter for the entire round.  A, B and C players will play from the white tees while the D player play from the green/white combo tees.
Sept 8 ’18        MGA END OF HEAT WAVE: (ABCD) 2 best net balls on par 5s; 3 best nets on par 4s and 4 best net balls on par 3s.
Oct 20, ’18      MGA OVERSEED TOURNAMENT: (ABCD), Bonus Balls – This is a two best ball tournament with the caveat that if additional balls can contribute positively to the team’s score, those scores are included in the score.  The actual team score is compiled as it relates to par for two best balls.   (Lunch provided)
Nov 10, ’18     MGA TEAM CHAPMAN: (ABCD), AD players play a Chapman and BC players play a Chapman.  Each player tees off, the partner hits his partner's ball, they select the one they want to play and they alternate shot in to the hole. 40% handicap will be utilized. The sum of the two scores is the team score after the handicap is applied.  A, B and C plays from white tees, D plays from white/green combo tees.
Dec 15, ‘18     CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT: (ABCD), Chicago Point Quota. Points are based on gross scores.  The player's full handicap determines what his quota is.  The player's total is the number of points they scored minus the quota they were expected to score.  All four player’s points will be summed to make the team total.  D players play white/green combo tees, all others play white.
Jan. 5, ’19        MGA MATCH PLAY:   Match play tournament.
Mar. 9, ’19      MGA IRISH 4-BALL: (ABCD), Modified Stableford scoring:  8 points for net double eagle, 5 points for net eagle, 2 points for net birdie, 0 points for net par, -1 points for net bogey and –3 for net double bogey or worse.  All 4 balls count toward the team total. D players play white/green combo tees, all others play white.  (Lunch provided)


Your annual dues will fund the above 10 ABCD tournaments, the Match Play event, the 4 added events during the summer plus the Senior Men’s Club Championship and the Club Championship and entitle you to play in the events listed below.  The Member/Guest, Member/Member, and the Tanque Verde Cup will be on a “pay as you play” basis. 
The following tournaments will be tentatively held as shown below:
            Senior MGA Championship  ..Apr 28-29 ’18         Member/Member…..…... Dec 1-2‘18                        
            Tanque Verde Cup…………...Jan 25-27 ’19          Club Championship… Feb 16-17 ’19                  
            Member/Guest ………….…..Mar 29-31 ‘19